Our Commission Rates


Flat rate when you hire us as a contractor into your business


Original Debt Amount $          Commission Rate %      You Receive

(+ GST)

Under -$2,000                                     25%                                 75

$2,001-$10,000                                   20%                                 80

$10,001-$40,000                                 15%                                 85

$40,001-Over                                      10%                                 90

Debts which are over 6 months old at date of submission, will be subject to an additional 5% commission.

No Collection  – No Fee

Commission payable on monies collected.

No Hidden costs.

No Contract

Rate is negotiable at lower rates on a case by case basis.

Just email or call us for a rate quote.

Special collection rates are available for large placements,

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Commission calculations from the Debts and the recovery process


If you send us an overdue account for $30,000 and we collect $29,000

Collected $29,000.00

We deduct commission calculated at 15%        $4,350.00

Add GST             $  435.00  You can get GST Credit back

Total deduction from the Collection     $ 4,785.00

Your net recovery is  $29,000 (collected) less Commission

$4,350.00= $24,650.00

We are committed to you that we deposit the collected money into your nominated bank account within 5 business days of receipts to help your cash flow in the business.