Welcome to Atlas Debt Recovery.

We’re based in Chelsea Victoria and provide our Debt Collection services across Australia.

We are offering the latest in computer technology along with a professional, knowledgeable staff with over 35 years’ experience combined.

We also offer a unique Accounts Receivable Management service, which will help offset the costs of servicing high volumes of clients. Our Accounts Receivable Management service will save your company thousands of dollars in salary expenses.

We offer great rates and fantastic results!

You have an option to

  • Hire us as a contractor (flat rate) in your business
  • Outsourse your debts  (on commission)

When you submit your claim to Atlas Debt Recovery, your debtor will hear from us within 24 hours, accept if the debtor has moved, changed his/her phone number/name  the contact will be within 3 working days.

Our Case Managers are highly trained and experienced professionals and aware of your interest to preserve good relations with your customer and get paid. Historically our Clients see 70% of funds recovered are banked by them within 45 days.

Cash flow is the critical factor in any business.  Without cash, the business cannot operate.

Let Atlas Debt Recovery handle all the hard work while you can concentrate and run your business without worry about the cash flow.

Call Atlas Debt Recovery today, and let us recover the money you are owed!

Our clients like what we provide:                                   

  • No Collection – No Fee,
  • Lower cost
  • Personal service on each debtor
  • Fast, Positive results while retaining customers
  • Hire as a contractor on Flat Rate
  • Flat Commission rate on outsourced full Debtors Ledger
  • Sliding Commission rate